Holistic Yoga is a combination of specific traditional methods. Its goal is the harmonious development of all aspects of the human being. That is, the physical body, the emotional part, the intellectual part and the spiritual part. Its objective is to offer practitioners a useful tool to live a happy, calm and healthy life.

We offer a living Yoga without rigidities or dogmas, which attends to the encounter with the Master that each one of us carries within us, which promotes the embrace of the spiritual with life, in the midst of life itself.

It is also known as the «yoga that heals» as it serves as the basis for many of the therapies and care programs in Europe and the United States.

This method of Yoga consists of creating awareness and harmonizing the different levels of experience in human beings. The body, mind and spirit align and create a unified space. This specific method offers a synthesis of various yoga styles using asanas, mantras, breathing exercises (pranayama), healing practices (kriyas), relaxation and meditation. In this way, a deeper work of introspection is achieved to strengthen and purify us.

Through postures and breathwork, tensions are released. In addition, they help improve the alignment process of the body, the coordination of the muscles, the respiratory capacity and also the quality of the presence for oneself and for others.

Holistic yoga is, for example, like integral flour, which is made with the whole grain, without refining it to maintain its essence and its nutritional and energetic values.



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